So glad you’re ready to do this! As women in our 40’s and 50’s, we have the ability to change the world. If you’re reading this, I know you understand that and are wanting to use your expertise in a powerful way.

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What Clients Say

Liz Coenen

After 15 years leading a small organization, I felt stuck.  I knew I was ready for something more in my work life, but I had no idea what that “more” might be. Kathleen is a master of the art and science of coaching women in becoming their best selves with compassion and an unfailing belief in their ability to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Liz Coenen Philanthropy Specialist
Polly Koontz

I wanted a more fulfilling career than what I was doing in Corporate America.  But I didn’t know what I wanted specifically, or how to pursue a change.  Since I have been at the same company for the last 20 + years, I didn’t know where to begin!  Working with Kathleen, we slowly peeled back the onion and ultimately narrowed down my interests. I’m now getting certified as a Health and Wellness Coach and so excited about my next step.

Polly Koontz Senior Business Analyst
Jackie Fogal

I came to Kathleen knowing that I wanted to do something more impactful in the world but I was stuck trying to figure out what that was. What was uncovered in my work with Kathleen was my long held interest  in law and a concern for social justice, especially around women’s issues. I still had to get past some old beliefs and fears but I left my successful career in sales and am finishing up my second year in law school. I love what I’m learning and am excited to put it to good use in the world.

Jackie Fogal Law Student
Catherine McBride

The changes in my outlook, my everyday life and future are astonishing and wonderful. I could never have guessed that less than a year later my biggest dream would be realized and every detail would have fallen into place to make my vision a reality. I am amazed. Thank you Kathleen. Namaste!

Catherine McBride Yoga Instructor
Cassi Harris

Kathleen was instrumental in helping me “get the wheels turning” in my new business. I would still be sitting on my butt not knowing what direction to move, instead of actively starting my new business, DeliriousLife: Fashion, Beauty and Style for Women Over 50. I can truly say I would not have had the courage to take the first steps if not for coaching with Kathleen.

Cassi Harris Owner, Delirious Life

It’s time to show up and do what you came here to do.